Three Ways to Style a Graphic Tee

I love wearing t-shirts! Clearly I love them so much, I started an entire apparel brand around holiday t-shirts designs.

But sometimes I get tired of pairing my t-shirts with leggings or sweatpants. So I have some ways I like to style my t-shirts, especially when I want to dress them up!

Graphic Tee with a Skirt and Heels

I love that most graphic tees can easily be tucked into a skirt to dress them up. Whether you choose an A-line or pencil skirt silhouette, you can elevate your look with a quick tuck. Or you can tie the bottom of your t-shirt in a knot over top of your skirt, to shorten the shirt hem.

Tied Graphic Tee with Jeans

While a t-shirt paired with jeans does not break any fashion boundaries, you can add some style and flair by tying your tee a few different ways. Tie a knot at the side for an asymmetrical look, or tie your tee in a front knot to mimic the look of a crop top. 

Graphic Tee with a Blazer or Suit

For an updated look to your normal business-wear, swap a blouse or shell for a graphic t-shirt. I love showing a little bit of personality with my business attire, and a cute t-shirt with a positive saying can do just that. Just make sure your design is in compliance with your company dress code.

How do you like to style your favorite graphic tee?

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