How to Celebrate this Unique Back to School Season

There's no doubt that the back to school season looks different this year. With the Delta variant surging, and debates over mask mandates and vaccination statuses, it's no wonder our children (and their teachers) are stressed. 

So how do we celebrate what is normally considered the most wonderful time of the year for parents and students alike?

Take the Pressure Off the Kids

The biggest thing we need to do this school year is relax. We should be managing our expectations and trying to relieve as much of the pressure as we can. But that's easier said than done, right?

Start talking about the new routine a few weeks before school begins, and don't get frustrated if you have to remind your children more than once. It's going to take a bit of time to get back in the swing of things.

Take the Pressure Off Yourself

One of the best things I did was throw out the mile long routine I had first created for this school year. I promise, you don't have to be the super parent with everything planned out every minute of the day. It's just going to stress you out more if you're unable to meet those high expectations you put on yourself.

Take it slow- try implementing one or two new household habits that will make the whole family feel more efficient this season. But don't beat yourself up if you slip! We can always try again tomorrow.

Celebrate your Small (and Big) Wins

Set some time out of every week to celebrate the awesome things that went well. This is a great time to acknowledge your child for all the hard work it takes to adjust to a new school year schedule. And it gives your child a chance to recognize you for being the awesome parent that you are!

Here at ELL Holiday Co., we wish you an amazing new school year! Tag us in your back to school photos on social media @ellholidayco. We'd love to cheer your students on as well!

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